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I write women's fiction and do paintings in watercolor.  

About Me

My background

I am one of those people who began painting and writing as a young child and never stopped. I majored in art in high school and college and then got a master's in historic preservation. I'm from Tennessee and have always lived in or near Nashville. 

My method

In both my painting and my writing, I reflect upon the metaphor of the body to the spirit and the ways we're all connected. Everything I experience becomes part of what I create.  

Watercolor painting is my favorite because it always surprises me, in spite of my years of practice. The process of writing contains similar gifts of insight. There are many things I don't know about life until I try to write about it or paint it.  As Emily Dickinson said, "Tell all the truth but tell it slant...the Truth must dazzle gradually or every man be blind."

There is inspiration everywhere. 

Site Content

A Tiny Portfolio

I am a painter and I sell fine art prints of my work. Images of some of my art can be found in my website's gallery. 

Works in progress

My current writing works in progress (W.I.P.) include The Cardboard House in women's fiction. I'm an active member of the Midsouth region of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and the Women's Fiction Writers' Association (WFWA). 

Website changes

This website is in a never-ending state of construction now that I've found an easy way to do it myself. Content will change as my projects develop. Check back often to see what's new. 

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Wanda Collins Johnson- Writer & Illustrator