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I make art. I am one of those people who began painting and writing as a small child and never stopped. As a child, I lived in my own little world, which the grownups called WandaLand, like Alice's Wonderland. In those days before ubiquitous screens, daydreaming was the time-honored way to stare off into space and transport to an imaginary place. Wanda means "wanderer" and I often wander and wonder about life. I talk to trees, clouds, the moon, bluebirds, and many a fine toad found beneath rocks in my garden. I love the Tennessee woods where we live. There's nothing like waking up to wild turkeys and going to sleep with the sound of frogs echoing through the forest.

Art is my way of keeping a record of the mystery of life as it unfolds, like keeping a diary or taking snapshots of the soul. I hope that you will take a moment to scroll through the images on my Portfolio page or click on the Shop page which will direct you to my etsy shop. To find out more about my art, my life in the woods, my poems or my work-in-progress novel, or just to read some of the thoughts that float through my mind, feel free to visit me via my Blog. I'm a member of the worldwide group of writers and illustrators at, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and so you might find me on some of their websites, too. If you have a question or would like to commission a piece of art, you can contact me at

In both my painting and my writing, I meditate upon the metaphor of the body to the spirit, of the physical world to the spiritual world. Teilhard de Chardin said, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." I believe that each of us has a quest or mission to fulfill in our life's journey. If I had to write a mission statement for the "business" of being Wanda Collins Johnson, it might sound a lot like this poem that I wrote for the Mid-South Poetry Festival. This poem speaks of the darkness and light of being human and it also describes many of the paintings that I create. 

Here it is: 

In Dogwood Winter

In dogwood winter
She merged her thoughts with a tree
Shared all her secrets

Seeds sown deep within
Risks she would take to blossom
Petals to be shed

Captive to the earth
With her roots of mud and clay
She desired to fly

Envious of wind
Her wood brittle with regret
Waiting for the sun

Warmth upon her limbs
A sweet light flows through her veins
Prunes her consciousness

Open to the sun
Open possibilities
Open to love’s dare

Pod of light and dark,
Her evanescent body
Unraveled, adrift


-Wanda Collins Johnson


I hope you enjoy my website and come back again for regular updates. Thanks for visiting. As you wander through this world, may you always feel open to the wonders of life!

mystical puppy
My mystical puppy who watches the sun rise every morning.

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